[The] VAULT – Benefits of Self Employed (1099) vs. LLC (1120) Tax Forms

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[The] VAULT – Benefits of Self Employed (1099) vs. LLC (1120) Tax Forms.

This Episode is to highlight the Benefits of Self Employed (1099) vs. LLC (1120) Tax Forms via compare and contrast. Host Sharif Ali will share from personal and professional experience how 1099’s are for Independent Contractors which can be a Individual Taxpayer or LLC or any other Corporation for that matter. 1099 and 1120 are Tax Forms that will be discussed because there is a misunderstanding of how and why to file the True Corporation Tax Form 1120 if you have a LLC, S Corp or C Corp and the True Benefits of doing so. Proper Business Administration comes form KNOWING, so let us get on the same page and take the best position in our Business Tax Planning!

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