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[The] VAULT – 100% Private Money

20 June 2017 Blog

[The] VAULT – 100% Private Money 

We all have an idea of what Public Funds are, but who knows what is Private Money and or Equity? There are two sets of information Public and Private. In this episode we learn what Private Money looks like or should we say Private Family Banking looks like ex; the Rothschilds, Morgans and others who practice “Own Nothing, Control Everything”. Host Sharif Ali will cover what Private Family Banking looks like and how it works right infront of your eyes on a daily basis. Its ALL about JURISDICTION. The Law of Contracts says “Contract makes the Law”, lets learn how we can use an old time strategy by the Elite to Create and pass on Generational Wealth TAX FREE!  

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Sharif Ali offer services for Informational and Educational purposes only. Neither is he an attorney or lawyer. WE DO NOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE. If you require the services of an attorney or lawyer, we suggest and recommend you obtain a COMPETENT attorney or lawyer.

Sharif Ali is not a tax attorney and are in no way affiliated with the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT or ENTITY.


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