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The Maze of the UCC with Dr. Dave

18 May 2017 Blog


TICKETS<TICKETS<Why are you paying then??????????


Dr.Dave with the U C C It,s about Tickets this week I may have a guest comeing on  So come one and all.




How bad do you want to be RICH? There is no way to get rich easily. No one ever became rich "accidentally." No one ever suddenly woke up rich the next day after deciding to become rich and swimming in money. No one ever became a millionaire or a billionaire from claiming they had a great idea.or just saying they had money. you need to get rid of the negative influences.And start giving of what you have to others and mainely to God 10% which is His to start with then give to others and set back and and let God do what he said he would do which is to give back 100% Just try it one time.you will never get this kind of return from a bank?





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