Re-Awakening Minds-Nailah Gilliam w/Zakkee Starman, Astrologer/Numerologist

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Zakkee Z Starman is an acclaimed Professional Astrologer / Numerologist and TV / Radio host of ASTROLOGY NUMEROLOGY NOW and Executive Producer of SISTAH TALK TV SHOW. Zakkee Starman is an engaging, sometimes humurous, uncannily accurate practitioner, who has provided astrological and numerological guidance to clients around the world.

Tune in as Zakkee Z Starman discusses how to “Know Thyself Through Astrology and Numerology,” Retrogrades, retrogrades, retrogrades: What’s in the stars for you and the world, cosmic goings on and how they affect us! Tonight, listeners can receive free astro/numerological guidance from Zakkee. Contact Zakkee Z Starman: (646) 389-1311

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