Re-Awakening Minds – Nailah Gilliam w/Ahyoka Ra El, Holistic Healer

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Ahyoka Ra El aka Akenda Smith is a mother of two  born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. However, she is truly grateful for the influence her great grand and grandparents’ had in her upbringing, having spent much time with them in Virginia growing up. Ahyoka attributes much of her integrity, wisdom and love of nature to them.

As a holistic healer, Ahyoka Ra El’s goal is to help others navigate through life’s challenging moments from a holistic point of view. Using her gift of intuition, along with astrology, numerology and botany, Ahyoka works with clients to help them rediscover THEIR TRUTH on this journey called life.

For more information or to schedule a holistic consultation, feel free to contact Ahyoka Re El via email:  or

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