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Child Support Education Center                                     Amen Osiris- Expert on Child Support- No Contract No Case

We the People                                                                           Patrick Divine Study Group

afv                                                                                                     Acceptance for Value Study Group

True Freeman                                                                             Excellent Researcher

Yusef EL YouTube    



High Frequency Radio Itunes Site                             Down Load all the Latest Shows from Itunes

Black Talk Radio Network
                                           Great Site to Connect with!

ITunes- High Frequency Radio                                  Download Past shows Here

Global Linkz Radio Network                                       Black Owned 24 Hour Radio Network

T.H.O.R.                                                                          Foreclosure prevention expert

Greg Doss Radio                                                             Lawful and Legal Remedies from an Expert

Rule of Law Radio                                                          I have received some good information from this site

Angela Stark Talkshoe                                                  Guru Central

High Frequency Radio Network                                 The Baddest Radio Network on the Planet

Radio and Webinar Call In                                           Connect to Webinars and Listen to Shows

Hindsight Radio                                                             Jonah Bey

Beverly D                                                                      Political ad Spiritual Radio

WGAG Radio-Don Nicoleon                             As Real as it Gets

KTL Radio                                                               Know the Ledge


Redemption/Secured Party

BIRTH CERTIFICATE FRAUD                    Information on the Birth Certificate

UCC Connection                                                   Howard Freemans legendary article about a discussion with a Judge

Freedom School                                                     Another site full of PDF's

Sovereign Defense Ministry                                Full of information on Privacy and Sovereignty

FamGuardian                                                         Another Bomb site full of info

You are the Agent                                                  Kenn W. Website explaining Birth certificate

Team Law                                                               Alternative views regarding redemption

Creonline                                                                Learn how to creatively invest in Real Estate

There is no Justice                                                Blogspot, Articles and Information

Mental Militia                                                        Message Board with Good Information!

You have the Right                                                You have the Right to Settle Court Cases

Diplomatic Immunity                                          The Original Do not detain List Information

Savings to Suitor                                                   Very good Site! Savings to Suitor remedy to the Public

Anna Von Reitz                                                     Exposing the Corporate United States 

Natural persons                                                   The Fiction and You

Judge Anna Marie Rodriguez                            Someone hipped me to this Lady...Fire!!!

USA vs US                                                                 What is the Difference?

Ecclesiastical Court of Justice and Law Offices               Native American Website on Sovereignty of Church

Government services Corporation Watch               Another good Site on the Birth Certificate

Redeem your Birth Certificate                               I keep telling you none of this stuff is new

Rescind the Social Security Number                   Close the Account before you setoff

Four Winds                                                  Lots of Information on Spirituality, News, Privacy

When Did the Birth certificate Begin?                    The FederaL reserve Owns you...duh..

Expatriation Instructions                                           Get back into the Republic

When Did the Birth certificate Begin?                    The FederaL reserve Owns you...duh..

Self Awakening Training                                             Private Process Training

Disclosure of Gov Fraud                                             Do you own Government or dies it own you?

Get your Children Back!!                                        Site on using commercial liens against CPS

Freedom Documents                                       Great Place to find information on Bonds and Privacy

Sovereign Warriors                                     Forum for Sovereignty and Constitutional info

There is no Money                                            There is no Money-Freedom from Fiction

Alfred Adask Blog                                          If you are in to this you have to check him out

Team Law                                                    Good Research site

Love for Life                                                 Australian Christian Based Sovereignty Site

Rescind Your Social security Number      Famm Guarding Instructions for Eliminating the SSN

How to Apply to for a Passport as a National   Yes you can get one without a SSN

World Freeman Society Forum                 Great Forum that has been around a while

Freeman on the Land                                  Another site with great information

Law Learners Network                                Good Site. Good for Research

New Illuminati                                              How to defeat the Admiralty  Courts

High Frequency Radio Yahoo Group            The High Frequency Radio Yahoo Group

Free Bird Publishers                                        Inmate Resource Center

Peter Shiff- Renouncement of U.S. citizenship

Paul Stramer                                                   Associate of Anna Von Reitz- Teaches how to Expatriate out of U.S.


Freedom School USA



Peoples Awareness Coalition                             Great resource packed with info


Lost Horizons                                                       The Liberating Truth about Income Tax 

Freedom Story                                                  Nice collection of IRS Response Letters

Form W8BEN                                                   Information on the form W8BEN

Sovereignty Insanity                                         Discussion on 1099 OID


Eden Press                                                  Privacy Central

Paladin Press                                              Another Great Site to Explore

Loompanics                                                 Link to books of the now defunct company

Office of Authentications                  Federal Site with Instruction on Birth Certificate Authentication

Anti-Redemption Sites

The Militia Watch Dog                                            You "sovereign citizens" are nut jobs!

The FBI Information on "Sovereign citizens"     You know I had to let them have their say...

Quatloos                                                       Still here? See what your masters are saying

Law Enforcement Forum                           See what they are saying about you you nut job!!!


Keshe Foundation                                                Plasma Energy

Fight For Truth                                                   Free Energy Machines!

The Secrets of Vibration                             Everything is Vibration

Money/Finance/Banking/Debt discharge

Platform Trading                                                  The 100 Million Dollar Answer!

Bit Coin Trading System                                            Alternative Credit Systems Explained

There is no Money                                                      Website dedicated to discharge of debt

Real Debt Elimination                                              Old School Debt Elimination

Discharge Debt                                                      Another site full of information

Real Debt                          Great site with an abundance of debt elimination info

Credit Boards                                               The number one resource on the net for Credit Information

Stamp and Coins                                          Currency from every era...incredible collection



Real Estate/Foreclosure

Cancel Your Mortgage                                               Teaches you how to pay off Mortgage with PN

Fight the Fraud                                                             Mortgage Foreclosure/Administrative Process

Cancel Your Mortgage                                             Cancel your Mortgage with a Promissory Note   

The Creative Real Estate Investor                     One of the Best Sites on the web for learning about Real Estate Investment

CCIM                                                                                  Get certified in creative Finance



Legal/Lawful Resouces

Court Forms for all 50 States                 Stop doing it yourself. There is a form for everything! These are for Self Representation.

FindLaw                                                              Statutes and Codes for all 50 states

Google Scholar                                            Free Case Citation Research Tool-*****

Justia Law                                                    Find any State Law or Constitution

ALL American Jurisprudence                                   Legal Encyclopedia online!

All Law Dictionaries                                              We do mean "ALL" Law Dictionaries

Consitutional Awareness                                     Constitutional Education and Political Awareness

Latin Dictionary                                                   Translation of Maxims of Law!

Judicial Deception                                              Great Resource Site!!!

Natural Law, Natural Rights and Constitutionalism               Repository of Natural Law Commentaries

Forms and Pleading                                Tired of the Judge saying your pleading are non-nonsensical?  Learn how to do it the right way!

Contracts                                                        Learn what Contracts are and the different types




Mind Serpent                                                          Another Valuable resource 

Dr. Malachi Z. York Books                           Lots of Books by the Sage

Psi Tek                                                            Esoteric Books

Mind Science Kept Hidden                         WE ARE VIBRATIONAL BEINGS.Law of attraction/vibes

The Watchers                                               Aliens, Extraterrestrials, Fringe


Moorish Directory                                                   Nationality 

RV Bey Publications                                   Information on Moorish Nationality

Moorish Science Temple of America      Moorish Nationality Information

Clock of Destiny                                          Moorish Nationality Information

MuraKush Society                                      Moors In Court


Don Diva Magazine                         If you Ever been locked up you know what this is...

Green Papers

Justinian Deception

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