Understanding the redemption process can me a long tedious and arduous journey. Many of you who are just coming into this information have an exigent circumstance that you have to deal with and have scoured the internet glossing over webpages hoping to find a crux of information that can help you deal with the problem at hand. Trust me I understand your urgency, but what I want you to realize is that redemption is about changing your is a life style not a band aid that you can run to the store and purchase goods and services (even thought that is possible with the right procedure).

Before coming to a consultation make sure that you have all of your documents prepared in a electronic format (scanned). 

I will not conduct consultations with individuals seeking to make purchases. There is no secret information that I will reveal to you in a private consultation.

Consultations cost the following:

1 hour= $200.00
30min= $100.00

15 min=$ 50.00

You can purchase a consultation here: