Rules to the Game

A LOT of people have been discussing Minnesota Rule 220 and using this particular Law as the latest process to free yourself from the system. It incorporates using portions of the UCC, Minnesota Rule 220, and Birth Certificate Authentication from the Federal Government in order to demonstrate that you are the OWNER (Liability) of the document.

I decided to reread Rule 220 as well as the FULL FAITH AND CREDIT CLAUSE (A.K.A. COMITY CLAUSE) of the constitution to not only see if the construction and interpretation of this partcular “rule” is correct and whether or not FULL FAITH AND CREDIT as stated in the constitution is properly understood and can be used as an enforcement provision in other states.

High Frequency Radio

Analysis and Interpretation of the U.S. Constituion

UCC 9-102- Definitions

UCC- 9-311


Rule 220.Birth Certificates

Certificate of Title Act

U.S. Attorney Certificate of Title


Rules to the Game

Yusef El

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