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High Frequency Radio Network is an organization serving as an educational resource aimed at community development and increased social awareness in the areas of public and private law. Our goal is the rebuilding of urban communities and the reuniting of all races under the banner of inalienable human rights granted by the Creator of the boundless universes.


Yusef El is an educator, consultant and spiritual adviser who currently is domiciled in Atlanta Georgia. Originally from Dallas Texas, he started his career in public vs. private with an encounter with the Federal Government. Through this encounter he was wrongly imprisoned in a Federal facility for over 31 months where he was to receive his baptism by fire through his initiation into the occult world of commerce operating through the American Prison System.

Possessing an uncanny ability to decipher the obscure legal jargon of the legal community, Yusef El is committed to assisting the general public into ushering in a new age of enlightenment surrounding natural and legal rights erected on a platform through internet radio.

While incarcerated he then took this knowledge and began to apply it to his case. Every time he learned or understood some information he applied it to assist in freeing himself from bondage. Through this process he learned that his case, as well as everyone else, was being traded on the stock market. He learned that all of these cases were a "tax" and that the remedy to these “public charges” could be cured by bonding the case, by not going into dishonor by arguing, and by simply accepting the obligation and off-setting the “tax” through use of negotiable instruments. After almost four years of serving time and mounds of mounds of studying and applying these principals to his life, he was released and had to start his life all over.

Possessing little more than the clothes on his back, he learned all he could about real estate investing and began to flip houses with as little  money. On his very first deal he made $5,000! That first investment propelled him forward into the world of business and he knew that he couldn't turn back. No one would hire him with a record so he had to forever be his "own boss”. Looking back, he knew that that moment was one of the greatest things that ever happened to him, because he was awakened. He now knew he had to be someone to help others navigate their way on this legal/spiritual journey, because all of these experiences that we are going through are spiritual. That leads us to today, He is the founder of High Frequency Radio Network, a station dedicated to the: spiritual, legal, financial, cultural and social upliftment of planet Earth.

At High Frequency Radio Network we pride ourselves in the knowledge- of- self through the study of spirituality, natural law, trust law the Constitution/Common Law, Color-able Law, private & public processes, the UCC, health & wellness, nation building and prosperity building. We are here to leave a mark on the world and to leave a living legacy for future generations to come.

Peace to the Gods!!

Interview with Yusef El